ABVP's Press Release regarding Jalikattu

Unite to Save the Traditional Sport of Jalikattu - Vinay Bidre  21st Jan. 2017

ABVP strongly supports the democratic protests by the youth of Tamilnadu in support of the traditional support Jalikattu and condemns attempts of some organizations to attack traditional cultural practices of India. It is shocking how some organizations have constantly tried to accuse Jalikattu of being cruelty on bulls while the fact remains that no animals are hurt in this sport which is a part of the cultural identity of Tamilnadu.

ABVP requests the Honorable Supreme Court of India to respect the sentiments of the people of Tamilnadu and lift the ban on it immediately. ABVP welcomes the decision of the Central and TN government to bring in an ordinance to clear the way for conducting Jalikattu respecting sentiments of the youth of Tamilnadu.

At the same time it is alarming that some anti social elements are trying to vitiate the atmosphere of the democratic protests led by the youth of Tamilnadu and trying to fuel anti national sentiments in the garb of protests. In one such instance some anti social elements attacked ABVP karyakartas when they carried the national flag in the agitation at Coimbatore on Wednesday.

ABVP calls upon the youth of Tamilnadu to expose and corner such anti social elements and keep the protests democratic and non violent.