Ensure strict action against the perpetrators of anti-national sloganeering in Bangalore - ABVP

An event by the name 'broken families' was organized by Amnesty International at the

United Theosophical College, J C Nagar, Bangalore on 13th August 2016, where separatist and

anti-national slogans calling for Kashmir's secession were raised. ABVP strongly condemns these

sloganeering and attempts to demonize Indian Army. Our activists held a protest against the

event today and were detained by the police.

ABVP's National General Secretary Vinay Bidre said that such events undermine the spirit

of our Army and aims to destabilise our country. It is clear how foreign funded NGOs like Amnesty

International attempt to destabilise India and fuel separatist mindset. It is also clear how such

organizations have been conveniently ignoring the human rights of Kashmiri Hindus who have

been forced to live as refugees in their own country.

ABVP demands that the police initiate action against the sloganeers and the organizers of

this event. We demand that the union government ensure that such foreign funded NGOs are not

allowed to attack the unity and integrity of India.