An Updated Marxist Clarion Call: “Marxist Sexual Offenders of JNU, Unite! You have Nothing to Lose"

“Every woman is seen as an object which would satisfy the lust of all male cadres. The movement had lured me in 2003 by making me believe that men and women would be equal in the new order it strives to create. But what I experienced over there was horrifying, worse than the oppression that the women of rural India face.”

- Shobha Mandi (former Maoist Commander)

The history of the cult of Communism is replete with instances of organized violence and mass murders, because it institutionalizes bigotry and bloodlust through a utopian ideology, a centralized one party system and/or state apparatus. The prophets of communism like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Che and Pol Pot, all had the blood of millions and millions of people on their hands. But there is a less talked about aspect of the communist tyranny. Communism is not merely the exploitation of humans by humans, it also embodies the systemic exploitation of woman by man. Consumerist culture and rank hedonism are some of the major characteristics of modern/post-modern Western discourses, and hence communism has not been immune from these social diseases. It rather emboldens the anti-women social tendencies by alienating women/men from their families, traditions and communities.


Blind faith in the ideology and the party is the end goal of commie indoctrination process. This includes the utter dehumanization of the ‘other’. Nothing else can explain the common usage of Eurocentric and nonsensical (in Indian context) nouns like ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist’ among Indian leftists to refer to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But this complete surrender to the communist cult with its ‘jealous god’ of ideology requires breaking away from all past social institutions, beliefs and practices. This sort of total alienation makes the leftist activist vulnerable to all sorts of utopian ideas and beliefs. In other words, the average commie’s social life (even, career) is made so depended upon the party comrades, and so cut off from the rest of the society and their family, that they become defenseless to exploitation within the party.

In the unused draft of the Communist Manifesto, Friedrich Engels argued that the Marxist utopia will convert “the relations between the sexes into a purely private matter that concerns only the persons involved and into which society has no occasion to intervene.” But did/can it ever happen? Or is it just an attempt to provide an intellectual cover for the commie perversions? Marxist history substantiates this point. Marx himself sexually exploited his servant maid, Hellen Demuth. Stalin’s most trusted secret police Chief Lavrentiy Beria sexually abused and killed countless women. But he was immune from any persecution under a Marxist regime. The mass rape of German women (and Russian women freed from German prisons) during the second world war by Soviet soldiers was justified thus by Joseph Stalin: “what is so awful about his having fun with a woman after such horrors?”

Mao also followed in his predecessors’ footsteps and perpetuated the same exploitative system. According to an academic biographer (Michael Lynch, Mao, Routledge, 2004) of Mao:

“The truth was that Mao had a penchant for young, naive and poorly educated girls. According to his doctor, Mao’s taste in women was like his eating habits. When he liked a particular dish he would have it for days on end until he was sated. He would then push it away and try another. Yet for the young women who serviced Mao’s needs there was no greater coup than to have slept with Chairman Mao. … It is unlikely that his girls all escaped contracting the sexually transmitted diseases that he carried. Gonorrhoea and genital herpes were among the hazards they risked.”

We see that women who are cut off from their families become susceptible and even willing bait for predators. And such utopian cults are the biggest culprits here. They protect even habitual offenders with zeal, if they are part of the cadre. Communists in India have also been true to their anti-women creed. The ordeal of a former Naxalite, ShobhaMandi, was published in the form of a book titled ‘Diary of a Naxalite’. She describes her (and Naxalite women’s) experience as “worse than the oppression that the women of rural India face.” Likewise, JNU commies are infamous for bringing a bad name to an esteemed institution by constantly being involved in such uncivilized acts. In recent decades, many commie student “leaders” like Naseer Hussain, Akbar Chaudhary, Sarfaraz Hamid, Anmol Rattan, Keshav Kumar, Nivas Prakash, Aniket Singh and many more have been accused in cases of sexual exploitation.


The most recent victim of this manipulative utopian cult has been a girl student of JNU who was sexually harassed by a Commie who was attending (and, some say, was even volunteering for) the ‘Mosaic’ event in JNUTA office. JNUTA even did the kripa of releasing a statement in support of the survivor. Where did the “revolutionary” in JNUTA vanish? Why are the JNUTA-supported JNU administration, and their beloved dictatorial JNU VC silent?

Recently, another horrendous incident has come to light. A BA First Year student of foreign languages was sexually molested by senior AISA activist and Vice President, Satwik Raj, MA 2nd year, Spanish Centre. The ordeal suffered by the victim has put him in deep shock. After consolation and solidarity by his friends the victim has finally filed a complaint in proctor office and ICC. No commie social justice warrior is in sight raising this issue. Why?

More than one month has passed and yet there is no visible action against the harasser.

A few months back, when a female student accused her commie “friend” Prasanna Raj Ambedkar of sexual harassment, a commie goondi (also active in the 5 January violence) tried to convince the survivor to take back her statement to save him. Prasanna Raj is a dedicated worker of AISA, a.k.a. ‘All India Sexual Assaulters’. Shockingly, this incident came to light after a month of the assault. AISA cadre, even girl activists tried very hard to dilute the matter by mentally harassing the survivor, and even tried to blame the girl herself after incident became public. Prasanna has yet not been suspended from the party, nor has administration taken any concrete action against him. One thing is certain, the whole party and their extended ecosystem always become fully active just to bury such matters. This is their textbook modus operandi. They were ready to sacrifice an innocent girl student for speaking against injustice, just because their own comrade was the alleged culprit. At least, our celebrity first female VC should have taken concrete action against these regular commie acts of sexual assaults. Has she lost touch with the ground reality of this institution, due to her love with the dais and big events? Who knows! But this much is sure that the anarchic leftist perverts keep on roaming the university premise without any fear or regret under her watch.

ABVP Condemns the Repeated Cases of sexual harassment by the leftist lumpens !

This, and every such instance, sheds light on the hierarchical worldview of commies. They are not hypocrites. They just strongly believe that some people are more equal than others; that the rights of ‘others’ do not count, when their own comrades are at the accused end, and; that any and every human can be sacrificed at the altar of ideological/party-line. Every injustice is forgiven, and every criminal is acquitted if it is in favor of the Marxist cult and its blind followers. There is an urgent need to understand and criticize this zombifying ideology and its anti-human cultist methods. Many prominent Indian universities have been held hostage by this cult since independence. This needs to change. We need an informed public debate on the beliefs and practices of this cultural-Marxist cult, so that this anti-women, colonial and anti-social project can be put in the garbage-can of history where it rightfully belongs.

ABVP condemns these anti-women tactics and sexual harassment by Naxalite goons in the harshest terms possible. These lal-langoors keep on jumping in the name of women's rights in JNU but harass women students of the same campus, while giving protection to the sexually assaulters. Unfortunately, ABVP is the only student organization highlighting these cases and fighting for the rights of the survivor. No Aandolanjeevi-s are to be seen anywhere. No leftist organization will raise these issues for obvious reasons. But the main questions are

Why has the VC turned a blind eye on the pervert urban naxal teacher - student cabal ?

Why is she providing cover to leftist sexual assaulters among students ?

Why has the JNU Admin not taken suo moto action against the JNUTA sexual harassment incident? It is not to shield JNUTA and ‘Comrades in faculty’?

Expose the tacit understanding between JNU VC and Communist cabal

It is time to raise our voice against these totalitarian Naxalite perverts who have been systematically sexually assaulting common students of JNU since the left gained political power. It is high time to shed off our tāmasika inertia and pro-actively protest against, and ask questions from these habitual offenders of AISA, and other such commies (a.k.a. pervert) organizations of the campus. The Marxist clarion call has come back in a new avatar: “Marxist Sexual Offenders of JNU, Unite! You have Nothing to Lose (because the VC and JNUTA will protect you), and the whole JNU to sexually exploit.” Let us kick out this cult from our campus, before it is too late!

ABVP Condemns the Repeated Cases of sexual harassment by the leftist lumpens and we demand a proper inquiry of rising cases of sexual harassment especially of the incident which occurred in ‘Mosaic’ program of ‘Comrades in Faculty’. The JNU Administration must take suo moto complaint & investigation in this regard and urgently start inquiry so that Leftist sexual harassers are weeded out of the campus.

#Fight for Gender Justice

#Fight against Sexual Harassment

This article is written by ABVP JNU with a twin aim of exposing the double face of Comrades and saving women from sexual harassment


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