The NEETUG2024 Exam Scam: Unveiling the Controversy and Its Implications


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) which is a very critical examination for all the medical aspirants in the country, has recently been marred by a series of scams, misconducts and irregularities. Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), NEET’s integrity is paramount as it determines the future of thousands of aspiring doctors as well as the future of country’s healthcare sector. However, reports of cheating, impersonation, and systemic corruption have raised serious concerns about the fairness and reliability of this examination process.


To understand the issue to the depth I would like to take you through background of NEET.


NEET is a standardized entrance test for students seeking admission to undergraduate medical, dental, veterinary science, AYUSH and paramedical courses across Bharat. Introduced to streamline the admission process and ensure merit-based selection, NEET was supposed to eliminate discrepancies and regional biases. Unfortunately, the recent scandals have thrown the system into disarray, undermining trust in the examination and exam conducting agency.


In the wake of these scandals, MeDeVision along with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), have spearheaded protests starting from the city of Surat on 9th June 2024 and extending across Bharat on 10th June 2024, where the organization has made their point clear that they won’t be getting on the backseat until the justice is served. We have rallied to demand justice for affected students. The protests highlight the widespread discontent and call for systemic reforms to prevent such malpractices in the future. Demanding a CBI probe for the scam, and requesting the judiciary system to consider this issue as an emergency implying a priority basis enquiry alongside a halt of the admission procedure till the enquiry report is finalized.


The Scandals Unfold as there have been so many discrepancies and irregularities like; 

Paper Leaks and Unfair Advantage

One of the most alarming aspects of the NEET scam involves the leakage of exam papers. Reports surfaced that certain candidates had access to question papers before the exam date (04 June 2024), giving them an unfair advantage. This breach of security has cast a shadow over the entire examination process, questioning the validity of the results as well as credibility of the testing agency.

Inflated Scores: Illegal 718, 719 out of 720 Marks

Another shocking revelation was the awarding of suspiciously high scores, with some students allegedly receiving 718 or 719 out of 720 marks through illicit means. Such anomalies not only distort the merit list but also deny deserving students their rightful place. The NTA’s failure to detect and prevent these fraudulent practices has eroded confidence in its ability to conduct a fair exam again and again over a period of time.


It's not just about the admission of an aspirant to an undergraduate course or so, but “The Human Cost which accounts for Student Suicides and Parental Frustration as well.”

The ramifications of the NEET scam extend beyond administrative failures, affecting the lives of numerous students and their families. The intense pressure to succeed in NEET, combined with the unfair advantages some students gained through corruption, has led to tragic outcomes. Several students, unable to cope with the stress and perceived injustice, have taken their own lives. To name would be the case of Bagisha Tiwari, an 18-year-old aspirant hailing from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh who jumped from the fifth floor of a multi-storey building. Such incidents underscore the severe mental health crisis among students, exacerbated by the flawed examination system.

Not just the students but parents, too, are grappling with frustration and helplessness. Many have invested significant resources and emotional support into their children’s education, only to see their efforts undermined by systemic corruption or even loss of their own children falling prey to such corruption. The despair among parents is pretty obvious and palpable as they struggle every minute to find justice for their children.

Lack of Uniformity in Results is another issue. The discrepancies in the NEET results have also raised questions about the consistency and fairness of the evaluation process. Students from different regions have reported varying levels of difficulty in their question papers, leading to a lack of uniformity in the results. This disparity further fuels the perception of injustice, as students from certain areas feel disadvantaged compared to their peers.

Amidst the chaos, MeDeVision and ABVP  have emerged as vocal advocates for the students. Our nationwide protests aim to hold the NTA accountable and push for reforms. MeDevision, ABVP has been at the forefront, highlighting the need for transparency and stringent measures to prevent future scams.

We demand an overhaul of the examination process, including pre-published guidelines, better security measures, transparent evaluation criteria, and stricter penalties for those involved in malpractice. Our efforts seek not only to address the current crisis but also to restore faith in the education system which has been questioned many times in the near past.


Moving Forward we would like to direct your attention towards the need for Reforms and Accountability. Looking at the current scenario ‘The NEET-UG 2024 scam has exposed significant flaws in the current examination system, necessitating urgent reforms. Key measures proposed include:

1. Enhanced Security Protocols: Implementing rigorous security measures to prevent paper leaks and unauthorized access to exam materials.

2. Transparent Evaluation Process: Establishing a clear and consistent evaluation process to ensure fairness and uniformity in results.

3. Strict Penalties for Malpractice: Enforcing stringent penalties for individuals and institutions involved in fraudulent activities to deter future misconduct.

4. Support Systems for Students: Providing mental health support and counselling services to help students cope with the pressures of competitive exams.


To conclude, the NEET-UG 2024 exam scam has highlighted deep-rooted issues within the Indian education system, emphasizing the need for comprehensive reforms. The efforts of organizations like MeDevision, and ABVP, along with the voices of affected students and their families, are crucial in driving change. Ensuring the integrity of exams like NEET is not just about protecting the interests of students; it’s about safeguarding the future of the nation’s healthcare system. As the calls for justice grow louder, the authorities must take decisive action to restore trust and fairness in the examination process at a higher priority.


(This article was written by Dr. Abhinandan K. Bokriya, National Convener, MeDeVision)